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Central Saint Martins

Dario Srbic

MA Photography Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Dario  Srbic


Dario Srbic graduated from MA Photography in 2015. He is now self-employed and works in London.

About me

While not having a formal BA in Photography, my education is based on experiential learning with countless hours spent behind the camera, in the dark room, reading and reflecting on what photography and art is and should be. I see myself not as a photographer, but as an artist with photography as its primary medium of expression. Therefore it was extremely important to me, that the course emphasises photography as art practice.

After reaching a certain confidence and continuity in my practice, I decide to take it to a next level, to be able to engage with a single project for a longer period, to reach different kind of quality and depth in my practice and to benefit from feedback given by peers and tutors.

My work

My interest in art and photography came through the engagement with philosophy and art theory. Instead of writing responses to what I have read and perceived, I would instead use photography and experimental film to formulate responses or to post new questions.

The themes I work with arise from my own experience and perception of the world and the discrepancy of those related to others. Driven by an ontological curiosity about the world and ourselves, my photography is often staged and has a strong performative character, influenced by moving images and contemporary dance. The randomness in the process of the creation of the work, the touching and expansion of one artistic medium towards another are crucial aspects in my creative practice. I dissect the photographic medium isolating its distinctive elements, winking at Derrida’s deconstruction and use of semiotic analysis.

Through MA Photography, I started to examine the relationship between photography and representation, the possibility of photography that is not necessarily representational, through strategies that undermine what is normally accepted and expected of a photograph.

The course

MA Photography at Central Saint Martins is definitely a fine art course. It is not about painting with light, but about practicing philosophy in photography. It is certainly on the cutting edge, when it comes to the role of photography and art in the contemporary world with strong bonds to thinking. This course has a potential to turn upside down how one thinks about and practices photography.


"Thinking As Practice" lecture series encourages collaboration between different fine art courses, during which I met people whom with I have similar interests, long and productive discussions about art, art school, institutions, research and practice.


After graduating, I am planning to spend two to three years as a practicing artist, embedding all the concepts and the ideas gained during my MA, ideally in a post-graduate residency, free from. After that I am planning to come back to university and start working on a PhD thesis. Right now, the whole group is busy producing work for the upcoming interim show at the Bargehouse, which is an exciting opportunity to show our work in a great venue.


If you toy with a notion of applying for post-graduate course, do it. I myself was not sure for a long time if it would be beneficial for me. But the impact this course is having on my practice is already considerable, and I would not want to miss it now under any circumstances.

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