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Central Saint Martins

Barbara Garcia Walter Marins

Central Saint Martins Birkbeck MBA Student
Central Saint Martins
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Barbara Garcia Walter Marins


Promoting positive changes.

My name is Barbara, I am Brazilian and a happy mother of two. After being awarded a BA in fashion design, I successfully migrated into different positions within the industry. Whilst working for a leading Brazilian fashion company, I explored different areas of the business always driven by client’s and co-worker’s satisfaction. Such experience helped me to develop a thorough understanding of how important it is to have a strong and dynamic team in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment. I am passionate about social responsibility and sustainability, I believe private sector can focus on growth and profit generation while still being engaged with social projects and wellbeing. This vision is one of the factors that drove me to join the first cohort of Central Saint Martins and Birkbeck MBA program, which I believe will give me crucial insights and inspiration about how corporations can positively transform their business in order to support sustainability projects as well as identify opportunities throughout complex issues.


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