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Central Saint Martins

Aaron Goddard

BA Fine Art Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Aaron  Goddard


Aaron describes the thinking behind the artwork that saw him nominated for the Nova Awards 2013.

CSM’s Nova nominees are put forward by their Course Leaders and represent the best talent across the degree shows. Here, Aaron provides an insight into the work which earned him the prestigious nomination.

Fine Art: 2D pathway

“My piece of work is an interdisciplinary installation consisting of multiple objects, videos and images that culminate to create one piece of work. I am interested in each individual aspect of the installation however the relationship between each part are equally important to me in terms of how they locate themselves amongst a hierarchy and work together to create a final resolution.

For this piece I have used a range of materials and devices including two video’s which display every search result from ‘Google Images’ for the word ‘Star’ played on a television monitor and a digital photo frame which is then gaffer taped to the back of a sheet of Perspex alongside a digital photograph. Other materials range from wooden blocks, plastic bags, rope and a PVC banner, which is suspended from the ceiling.

My practice stems from an interest in shifting relationships with images, since major technological advancements, such as the Internet, specifically within areas of distribution and modes of production. Often this refers to the role of digital photography and video in the reception of art in a digital age.

My interest in this area lies within the discourse between the material values and behaviours of objects operating within a physical space and a questioning of what’s at stake materially when temporal experience is re-directed via photographic information. This transcends as a result of a digital conditioning of ubiquitous documentation and reproduction, relocating digital imagery in relation to its physical counterpart.

In recent work there is a tension created between the scenario of the desktop and the real, as things are pushed back and brought forward between two trajectories in an attempt to locate the digital phenomenon as part of real world. Spatialising this phenomenon negotiates provisional relationships between contrasting syntaxes, objects and images, often as a result of formal arrangements.”


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