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FreshBritain’s business is the creation of brand vision solutions for clients. The brief for this 18 months KTP was to increase the agency’s capacity, making efficiency gains within the brand meaning process through the development of new digital knowledge capture and information visualisation tools.

The KTP Associate successfully articulated and systematised the brand strategy methodology, which resulted in the new FreshBritain Process Programme. The introduction of digital tools into the process enabled substantial efficiencies to be gained. The KTP made a tangible contribution to FreshBritain’s strategy by refining its critical difference (USP) in the marketplace and seKng the basis for a digital platform brand strategy. It also helped refine its brand process and identified the opportunity to develop a tiered set of brand strategy products.

CSM also benefitted from the KTP by developing a stronger awareness of Brand Strategy as a discipline, which will feed into the development of a new BA pathway.

“This project was transformational for FreshBritain… [It] has enabled us to remain at the forefront of our industry.”

Sophie Phillips PhD, Co-Founder FreshBritain