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Extended Full-Time

We originally created the Extended Full-Time (EFT) mode of learning for postgraduate study in response to student feedback. Students reported that the intensity and commitment of full-time (FT) study limited their academic and creative development while making it difficult to enter relevant, paid employment. On the other hand, they were also concerned that part-time (PT) study was too long, meaning it can become difficult to maintain engagement with their subject, fellow students and lecturers.

Devised in collaboration with students, EFT is a study mode which sits between full-time and part-time. It allows students to maintain a balance between the competing demands of contemporary life and the pace of postgraduate study in an arts and design college.

The benefits of EFT:

  • You will only be expected to commit 30 hours per week for 60 weeks over two years. In comparison, FT requires 40 hours per week for 45 weeks and PT requires 20 hours per week for 90 weeks, over the course of two years
  • Tutorials, seminars, lectures, studio and workshop time are scheduled over two to three days per week, rather than the whole week (FT) or evenings and weekends (PT)
  • It allows you time to undertake paid work in the week, not just at the weekends. This makes it easier to work in roles in the creative and cultural industries, which in turn nourishes your course work. It also provides more time than FT to fulfil any care responsibilities you may have
  • It gives you more time to develop your practice, allowing more opportunity for reflection, experimentation and risk taking
  • EFT incorporates a three-month break from timetable commitments in the summer period. This allows for extended travel, intensive employment or simply a chance for a good holiday
  • As an EFT student you will have access to the library, learning zone and social learning spaces of the College all year round for two years – in comparison to the one year of FT. In addition to the relevant resources, this gives you more time to collaborate with fellow students on your course and others
  • On EFT, the cost of study is spread over two financial years while also providing you with the benefits of being registered as a full-time student.