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Platform Theatre Foyer Bar

The Theatre Foyer houses the cloakroom and ticket office for the Platform Theatre, but most importantly it has a popular bar open most evenings.

The bar opens every night from 5pm. The general public and the students are welcome. We open until late most nights. The Foyer Bar is often used for receptions, drinks or events within UAL and Central Saint Martins. This ranges from staff (the Christmas party was held here) to tutors organising things for courses and students.

It’s a bustling little place, with a constant stream of events ranging from student nights to big events. We want to get a momentum going and constantly have micro events. We had it redesigned so that we could put on exhibitions in the space. We want students to be able to hang work in here - we’re hoping the students can run it themselves at some point. If students have any work that doesn’t necessarily fall into their academic practice, they’re more than welcome to come and show it here.

We have events set up in the calendar, but the rest of the time, it’s for students to do what they want with this space: they just have to let us know so that we can book them in.