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Past exhibitions

Camberwell Space has hosted a range of artists, designers and illustrators over the years. Explore our past exhibitions and if you are interested in finding out about forthcoming events sign up to our mailing list.

  • John MacLean, Ladder, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery

    Moving the image: Photography and its actions

    Exhibition that proposes photographs are shaped through a multitude of processes beyond the conventional static viewing.

  • Photograph: Emotional Intelligence by Claire Undy

    Go with the Flow: Swim Against The Tide

    Exhibition presenting contemporary artworks that explore the power and economy of language to explain, coerce and subvert.

  • Four black-and-white canvases on a wall

    David Troostwyk

    Exhibition of paintings and other works by David Troostwyk. Curated by Daniel Sturgis.

  • Process to Performance, past exhibition at Camberwell Space

    Process to Performance

    Process to performance. Members of the public are invited to form an audience for these workshops involving fine art students from Camberwell, which reveal the process of making a performance.

  • Photo of photo of Print 3: Gawain's Blow

    A Mythic Understanding: inspired by David Jones

    This exhibition is one part of a College-wide project led by Geoff Coupland (aka ZEEL) that explores the life and themes of the work of artist, illustrator and poet David Jones.

  • Objects from the Camberwell Collection.

    A Narrative of Progress

    Exhibition exploring the history and current use of the Camberwell ILEA Collection.

  • Installation of the Rosie Grace Ward exhibition at Camberwell Space.

    Rosie Grace Ward

    Exhibition of new work by Rosie Grace Ward, recipient of the 2017 Vanguard Court Studio Prize.

  • Video installation by Giorgia Castiglioni - BA Photography.

    Site and Subject

    Group exhibition displaying new and recent work by 4 Camberwell College of Arts fine art alumni.

  • Table and chairs in the On the Way to Language exhibition

    On the Way to Language

    Ideas, conversations and new approaches to the language used around and within making practices. Curated by Maiko Tsutsumi.

  • Installation photo of local portraits in the Faisal Abdu'Allah exhibition Facets of a community

    Faisal Abdu’Allah - Facets of a Community

    Selected by Hew Locke, artist Faisal Abdu'Allah collaborates with the local community in and around Camberwell College of Arts.

  • History of Drawing exhibition at Camberwell Space.

    A History of Drawing 

    Exhibition surveying the practice and teaching of drawing at Camberwell College of Arts.

  • Coin print by Billy Crosby.

    Billy Crosby - Props

    Solo exhibition of new work by BA Painting alumna Billy Crosby. 2016 Vanguard Court Prize winner.

  • Fauzia Akbar embroidery drawing.

    Fauzia Akbar - A Life Loving Art

    Work and sketchbooks of Fauzia Akbar, a Camberwell College of Arts BA Drawing student.

  • UAL Photography Research by Martin Newth

    UAL Photography Research

    Exhibition of the University of the Arts London Photography Research Forum. Curated by Anne Williams and Duncan Wooldridge.

  • Natalie Dower, 3 Triangle Double Square No.1, 2016, courtesy of Eagle Gallery

    Imperfect Reverse

    Group exhibition showcasing systems based work. Curated by Laurence Noga, in collaboration with Saturation Point.

  • Drawing by Queenie Clark.

    Queenie Clarke - Flow

    Exhibition of new work by Camberwell BA Drawing alumna Queenie Clarke. Winner of the 2015 Vanguard Prize Studio Award.

  • Into the Fold 2016

    A multi-disciplinary project comprising live events, an exhibition and publication. Curated by Marios Stamatis and James Edgar.

  • Photographic work by Isabella Pitisci.

    Isabella Pitisci

    Exhibition celebrating the life and work of artist and Camberwell BA Photography alumna Isabella Pitisci.

  • Picture: I Never Lied To You by Akiko Ban

    I Never Lied To You

    Exhibition of recent work by Camberwell College of Arts Fine Art graduates.

  • Sculpture by Alexander Devereux.

    Alexander Devereux - Deceiving Grandeur

    Solo show of new work and curatorial project by Camberwell BA Sculpture alumnua Alexander Devereux. 2014 Vanguard Prize winner.

  • In An Absolut World True Taste Comes Naturally

    Exhibition looking at intentional forms of nonsense within the visual arts.

  • Behind the Brushstroke

    Exploring the relationship between brush marks and painting. Featuring Masahiro Suda, Masaki Yada, Houran Yokoyama and Andrzej Zieliński.

  • The Department of Repair

    Exploring re-making through fixing, repairing and mending. Curated by Bridget Harvey, Michael Hurley, Karen Richmond and Maiko Tsutsumi.

  • Work by Foster Spragge and Issam Kourbaj.

    Between Thought and Space

    Practitioners spanning areas of architecture, visual art, sound art and choreography respond to a specific space.

  • Photo by Lauren Allen.


    Debut solo exhibition of Lauren Allen, winner of the Vanguard Prize 2013.

  • Photo of motorway by David Cross.

    Against Nature

    Print exhibition exploring geography, the geo-graphical, natural histories and landscapes.

  • Into the Fold 2014

    Project exploring ideas around the gallery as studio space. Featuring A Practice For Everyday Life, Fraser Muggeridge and Peter Nencini.

  • Amerika

    Exhibition exploring the different ways in which America is viewed and thought of by non-Americans.

  • All Things Considered

    Collaboration between 6 students based in London and 6 in Barcelona.

  • In Form Express and Admirable

    Exhibition looking into potential of what might be considered a sculptural practice.

  • The Great Pretender

    The Great Pretender exhibition at Camberwell Space, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL)

  • Thingness: The Collection

    Objects selected from the Camberwell Collection. Curated by Maiko Tsutsumi.

  • I Don’t Feel Like It

    In this group exhibition the concept of underground delineates situations or moments.

  • Triumph of the Will

    Exhibition taking its starting point as Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s film of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Curated by Fieldgate Gallery.

  • Le Fil aka Philip Li - Pop Sculpture show at Camberwell Space.

    Pop Sculpture

    Debut solo exhibition of Le Fil. The artist, performer and winner of the 2011 Vanguard Prize.

  • Art on Fire

    Camberwell Space exhibition based around the Olympic Flame and the associations of fire.

  • Parts and Labour

    Exhibition inviting artists to provide instructions for works to be produced in not more than 2 hours by hired hands.

  • Sculpture by Peles Empire

    3D 2D 3D 2D

    Group exhibition at Camberwell Space curatd by Curated by Peles Empire.