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Art on Fire

Smoke and mirrors, burnt houses, archives on fire, sirens and alarms.

23 July - 10 August 2012

To mark the Olympic Flame passing through Camberwell, University of the Arts London PhD artists and associates, present an exhibition that considers fire in its ceremonial, ritualistic, metaphysical and symbolic aspects; as well as its physical, audio-visual and scientific representations. An artists’ residency relay will pass the torch of audience encounter across the 3 weeks; as practitioners work in the galleries, alongside the exhibits.

In the context of the riots during 2010 and the fatal Lakanal House fire in Camberwell 2009, flames may raise mixed associations locally. The Olympic flame lit in Greece on 10 May 2012, where protestors in Athens clashed with police over austerity measures, arrives in Camberwell in July on the way to the Olympic Cauldron in East London, where tens of billions of pounds have been spent.

Despite austerity, there is the human resolve to celebrate. Fires and flames have roles to play in both. Art on Fire aims to give depth and breadth to our encounter with this symbol, brought to our attention by The Games, as it is run through the streets.

Participating artists:

Dino Alfier and Carolyn Flood, Daniel Baker, Eleanor Bowen, Maria Christoforatou, Jenny Gordon, Aaron McPeake, Rob Mullender, Paul Ryan.