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Between Thought and Space

Work by Foster Spragge and Issam Kourbaj.

Practitioners spanning areas of architecture, visual art, sound art and choreography respond to a specific space.

29 September - 7 November 2014

So what actually happens when a diverse group of creative practitioners are asked to respond to a specific space?

The acquisition of knowledge begins through physical movement and close observation, and soon becomes words, drawings, photographs and recordings.

How can these processes of discovery be prolonged to promote exchange and innovation?

To test this, a group of 15 practitioners are together, responding to a series of spaces, with the aim to linger upon how these processes of discovery can be materialised. In this, there is a desire to imagine how, often in the most fleeting moments, ideas are at play.

By giving participants permission to resist conclusions, and through a multi-faceted approach of private and public exchange, we propose a live research methodology that enables theoretical concepts and practical concerns to be more intertwined; the emphasis on an approach to thinking about space, as both subject and laboratory, over defining one’s position in relation to a given field of practice.

Future events are planned at the Architectural Association, then culminating with a large-scale exhibition at Dilston Grove, a disused church in Southwark Park, in March 2015.


Miraj Ahmed, Isha Bohling, Kelly Chorpening, Pierre D'Avoine, Shin Egashira, Tom Emerson, Matt Franks, Conor Kelly, Issam Kourbaj, Jeffrey T Y Lee, Theo Lorenz, Ian Monroe, Foster Spragge, Alex Schweder and Tony Thatcher.


The symposium made public, for the first time, the debates and ideas informing the development of the project. Speakers spoke about the history of the Dilston Grove space and probed both the creative and critical merits of testing the role of discipline within creative practice.

Symposium - part 1 speakers:

  • Kelly Chorpening - Building as magnet: an introduction to the project
  • Miraj Ahmed - Dilston Grove from outer space: the history of a building
  • Tom Emerson (6a architects) in conversation with Richard Wentworth - Dilston Grove as workspace

Symposium - part 2 speakers:

  • Dr. Martin Hargreaves - Volumes project: on the horizons of dance within the mirror of an exhibition
  • Salomé Voegelin - Performing discipline and space: singing the infrastructure of knowledge and architecture
  • Matthew Butcher - Stage city: performance architecture
  • Discussion chaired by Kelly Chorpening and Miraj Ahmed