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A History of Drawing 

History of Drawing exhibition at Camberwell Space.
Camberwell Space., A History of Drawing – ‘Installation view. Photography by Kristy Noble’
, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL | Photograph: Camberwell Space.

Survey of the practice and teaching of drawing at Camberwell College of Arts over an eighty year period

16 January - 16 February 2018

Featuring the work of over sixty artists, this exhibition celebrates Camberwell’s past, and will shape making and critical debates about drawing for the future.

Throughout Camberwell’s history, the definition of drawing has expanded; from lines on paper to 3D and digital space. The exhibition is characterised by an outward-looking approach as artists have increasingly explored drawing’s uses in fields beyond that of fine art, incorporating new technologies, politics and science. The works in the show include botanical illustration, drawing machines, and moving image works, exploring a wide range of issues pertinent to our globally shared present.

A History of Drawing is accompanied by a publication and a symposium about drawing in education, including presentations by Dr Hester Westley (Artists’ Lives Interviewer and Goodison Fellow, National Life Stories, British Library) and Ruth Stiff (Associate Curator, Kew). The speakers highlight Camberwell’s legacy as a leader in the practice and teaching of drawing, and consider how current practices might shape future generations.

Curated by Kelly Chorpening.


Adam Farah, Akiko Ban, Alejandra Lopez Martinez, Anne-Marie Creamer, Annette Robinson, Brigitte Mierau, C. Lucy Whitehead, Chris King, Chris Pemberton, Cornelia Parker, David Hepher, Edward Ardizzone, Egle Pilkauskaite, Eileen Hogan, Eleanor Crook, Euan Uglow, Eve Fortnum, Fran Cottell and Marianne Mueller, Frank Auerbach, Gavin Jantjes, Hannah Rae Alton, Hiba Ismail, Ikra Arshad, Izat Arif, Janette Parris, Jeanne Woodcraft, Jennifer N. R. Smith, Jerome, Keara Stewart, Kelly Chorpening, Kimathi Donkor, Marcus Dobbs, Margaret Mee, Matthew Clifton, Matthew Ritchie, Max K. Weaver, Mervyn Peake, Mike Ditchburn, Miraj Ahmed, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Peter Saunders, Phyllida Barlow, Priscila Fiszman, Queenie Clarke, R & F Mo, R.B. Kitaj, Ragna Mouritzen, Rossella Emanuele, Rupert Norfolk, Sandra Lane, Sue Morgan, Susannah Bolton, Tim Ellis, Tony Thatcher, Victor Pasmore, Victoria Sin, Wendy Smith and Yu-Chen Wang.