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All Things Considered

Works of an on-going project initiated as a collaboration between six students based in London and six in Barcelona.

20 November - 6 December 2013

The first step of the project took place in April 2013 with an exhibition at BCN gallery, Barcelona. Developing a cross-country dialogue, the project aimed to investigate dynamics of collaboration through the encounter of diverse institutional contexts.

This is the second leg of the project, reflecting on and embracing the experience of conversation through language barriers, ideological differences and physical distance.


Karen Bohøj, Pil Christoffersen, Thomas Furu, Bruno Guggiana, David Lytzhøft, Marcela Tejada Maggi, Lee Mann, Alba Rodriguez Núñez, Giacomo Raffaelli, Stefania Vara Sanchez, and Sara Holm Strandby.

Symposium: Uncertain outcomes in the collaborative process

In conjunction with the exhibition, artists, designers and academic researchers, who propose the process as a prominent element of their finished outcome through their practices and methods of research, opened up a discussion upon the key ideas of the project.