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3D 2D 3D 2D

Sculpture by Peles Empire

Curated by Peles Empire.

26 September - 4 November 2011

Peles Empire is a work by Katharina Stöver and Barbara Wolff founded 2005. The project borrows its name from the Romanian castle Peles, which copies different architectural styles of past centuries.

Peles Empire reproduces rooms from this castle in simple colour or black and white photocopies merging them with the rooms they inhabit. Stöver and Wolff invite other artists to exhibit within these spaces. For the 3D 2D 3D 2D exhibition at Camberwell Space Peles Empire is combining previously used wallpapers.

All the artists invited have previously shown in rooms inhabited by Peles Empire. The works shown are reinforcing the 2D / 3D dialog between the wall-based Peles Empire piece and the sculptures and objects by the artists.


Shannon Bool, Tomas Downes, Andrew Mealor, Karl Orton, Giles Round.