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The Department of Repair

Exploring (re)making through fixing, repairing and mending.

12 January - 20 February 2015

The Department of Repair reframed the theme of repair, exploring its identities and its potential as an environmentally and socially engaged practice.

The project aimed to create space for broader interpretations of repairing, fixing and mending practice, exploring categories such as repair narratives, agents, materials, methods and systems.

For the first three weeks, visiting makers, designers and repairers, who demonstrate and teach repair and re-making skills ran drop-in workshops. Outcomes from the workshops were then added to an existing set of exhibits to form a larger exhibition.

The project had a fully zero waste aim. All furniture for the exhibition was made from reclaimed materials and was distributed for further use or dismantled back into materials after the exhibition.

A publication, which documented the entire process of the project was hand printed onto reclaimed paper, and was produced on demand in small batches to avoid large waste quantities at the end of the project.


Bridget Harvey, Michael Hurley, Karen Richmond and Maiko Tsutsumi.

Project contributors

Roger Arquer, Professor Daniel Charny, Carl Clerkin, Fixperts, Hendzel and Hunt, Tom of Holland, Harry Owen, Restart Project, Second Sitters, Hans Stofer, Yuri Suzuki, David Cross, Michael Marriott, Chris Cawkwell, Tim Mitchell.