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Daniel Sturgis

Fine Art Programme Director
Camberwell College of Arts
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Daniel  Sturgis


Camberwell's Fine Art Programme Director Daniel Sturgis is an artist and curator whose idiosyncratic, painterly language infuses formalism’s rigorous traditions of visual intellect and craftsmanship with contemporary pop references and casual aesthetics.

Proposing new possibilities for the relevance and vitality of painting in the post-painting age, Sturgis’ off-beat geometric arrangements reinvest the optimistic and visionary qualities of modernism in contemporary compositions. Humorous, media savvy and hierarchically democratic, Sturgis’ works advance the legacy of 20th century abstraction for 21st century values and sensibilities.

Sturgis’ work is regularly exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at museums such as The Chinati Foundation (Marfa, Texas), Camden Art Centre (London) and Turner Contemporary (Margate). His curated projects include The Indiscipline of Painting (Tate St Ives), Daniel Buren’s Voile Toile / Toile Voile (Wordsworth Trust) and Jeremy Moon’s A Retrospective (Kettle’s Yard).

In 2008 Sturgis was awarded a PhD for his thesis that examined the position of abstract painting and use of the Baroque in early postmodernism, and he was appointed Visiting Professor at Nagoya University of Arts, Japan in 2012.


BA Fine Art Drawing

BA Fine Art Painting

BA Fine Art Photography

BA Fine Art Sculpture