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Insights: how to

A collaged image with a yellow background featuring a close up of hands operating a sound app on a mobile phone
A collaged image with a yellow background featuring a close up of hands operating a sound app on a mobile phone
Featured collage, still from from video produced by Dalia Dawood. 2019.

Discover skills to take your work a step further

Browse essential tools and techniques chosen by Insights students who went on to study at UAL.
Bring your ideas to life with practical tips, challenge yourself, and find exciting ways to showcase your work.

How to: find

  • A collage of screenshots displaying creative phone applications
    Montage image: Sally Barton.
    Find: use free creative apps

    Fine art student Sally introduces some free apps on your smart phone or tablet that can help you unlock your creativity.

  • a small notebook with sketches, resting on top of a green cutting board
    Photograph: Sean Galvin
    Find: an architect's toolkit

    Architecture student Sean introduces us to his essential equipment list.

  • two students cutting a large wooden panel of wood with stanley knives
    Behind the scenes at 3D, interior and spatial design workshop. Insights Summer Schools. 2018. Photograph: Ming Lu.
    Find: a product designer's toolkit

    Product design tutor jw introduces us to the kit he uses everyday.

  • various robotics equipment laid out neatly on a white board
    3D, Interior and Spatial Design Insights Spring School. 2017. Camberwell College of Arts. UAL. Photograph: Luke Watson.
    Find: be a practical hoarder

    Product design tutor jw shows you how to think like a designer when looking at materials.

How to: techniques

  • Close up of hands stitching with an orange thread onto a leaf
    Still from video, Techniques: Experiment with hand stitching. Video: Thanseela Abdulkabeer.
    Techniques: experiment with hand stitching

    Embroidery student Thanseela introduces alternative ways to experiment with stitching, using everyday materials you have at home.

  • A retor camera lies on a table top with a film clapper board to left out of shot
    Still from 'Techniques: How to plan a film shoot video'. Video, Shaneika Johnson-Simms.
    Techniques: plan a film shoot

    Filmmaker and tutor Shaneika lays out some top tips- save this post, if you're thinking about creating stories on screen.

  • pages from a zine, displaying 'initial research' into the colours, red, white and blue
    Sam Walsh. BA Graphic Branding and Identity, London College of Communication. UAL. Photograph: Sam Walsh.
    Techniques: mood boards

    Branding and identity tutor Shernette shares some mood board tips with the help of her graphic branding students.

  • a screenshot a 3d object in a computer software
    Jamain Gordon
    Techniques: create a 3D object using Adobe software

    Visual artist Jamain takes you step by step through using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dimension to create 3D objects.

  • a miniature photography studio with 3 small blue objects prepared for photographing
    How to lay out your mini-studio as demonstrated by Alex. Photograph: Alex Wojcik.
    Techniques: make a mini studio

    Photography technician Alex shows you how to set up DIY photo studio at home.

  • Repeat pattern of 6 black on ear headphones on yellow background
    Photograph: Unsplash.
    Techniques: start planning a podcast

    Want to know how to start planning your first podcast? Journalism tutor Dalia shares some advice.

  • a close-up portrait of a person with one eyebrow missing
    Still from How to block out eyebrows video. Photograph: Joy Howley.
    Techniques: block out eyebrows

    Hair makeup and prosthetics student Joy introduces you to a go-to technique for artists working in film, tv or theatre.

  • A bowl of earthy and pink cotton ribbons
    Still from video How to/Techniques: Create natural dyes. Rafin Jannat.
    Techniques: create natural dyes

    Fashion student Rafin shows you how to make your own eco-friendly dyes using fruit and vegetables.

How to: challenges

  • Computer generated abstract image featuring stacked red circles and blue squares on a black background
    Valeria Toro. Abstract artwork. Bsc (Hons) Creative Computing. Camberwell. UAL. 2020.
    Challenges: creative coding

    Creative computing student Valeria challenges you to make abstract art with computer code.

  • Hands sculpting a clay head
    Photograph: Lamprini Tzanaki
    Challenges: clay self-portraits

    Illustration tutor Rachel challenges you to create a 3D self-portrait.

  • Collage and mark marking in orange and red hues with paint palette central to image
    Student work from UAL Insights Textiles Summer School. 2017. Photograph: Joygun Nehar.
    Challenges: create your own colour palette

    Textiles technician Josephine challenges you to experiment with colour by using your own photographs as inspiration.

  • Close up of printing press
    Photograph: Bank Phrom on Unsplash
    Challenges: write a press release

    PR grad Poppy challenges you to create a press release for a fashion brand.

How to: showcase

  • Bold coloured illustrations annotated with words
    Illustrations from ‘Love In The Pines’ (LITP) Tumblr, 2020. Illustrations: Tom or Judy Moore.
    Showcase: alternative exhibitions

    Fine art tutor Rosemary introduces different ways to present your work online or in your own home.

  • a black and white photo of an exhibition space
    Rory Sheridan, Installation Shot, Judged Response, Exhibition, 2017 – Shahram Saadat, Errin Yesilkaya and Rory Sheridan. Photograph: Rory Sheridan.
    | Photograph: Rory Sheridan
    Showcase: Rory's tips on curating an exhibition

    Rory breaks down what you need to consider in order to make an exhibition happen.

  • a studio portrait of two smiling people in front of a vivid red background
    Danika Lawrence,
    | Photograph: Danika Lawrence
    Showcase: Danika curates an exhibition

    Fashion photography student Danika describes the process behind putting together her 1st solo exhibition.