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A collaged image with a pink background featuring a collage of a poster wirh paint dripping from the top
A collaged image with a pink background featuring a collage of a poster wirh paint dripping from the top
Featured collage image Rosemary Cronin

Find inspiration for your next project.

We created a growing archive of ideas to help you enrich your projects and take your research a step further. Browse work by leading designers, discover artists and thinkers. Find the words you’ll use to introduce your projects at college.

Topics: themes

  • a poster displaying an image of animals walking on a road
    Image: Courtesy of @gentleradical

    Being human: socially conscious artists

    Fine art tutor Ocean talks life after graduation and shares some artists that inspire her work.

  • a 3d rendered image of a metal textured character wearing a halo
    LIRONA - golden#boi. Courtesy of LIRONA

    Innovation: the rise of NFTS  

    Sound arts grad Tommy delves into the digital realm of NFTs.

  • an portrait of multiple people from the shoulders up
    Photograph: Iggy London. Still from 'Black Boys Don't Cry'.

    Identity: masculinity identity

    Fine art tutor Othello introduces you to artists and creatives whose work focuses on the nature of masculine identity.

  • A fat marker pen sits centre screen, leaking black ink. Air ink is written in a capital font on the marker.
    Air Ink by Graviky Labs. Photograph courtesy of Graviky Labs.

    Being human: design that makes a difference

    Design tutor Oliver describes how good design can change human behaviour and make a positive impact on the world.

Topics: video picks

  • null
    Screenshot from Sonia Cerezquita's video of Tate Modern Timeline by Sarah Fanelli.

    Video picks: Tate timeline- Art across the decades

    Insights editor Kirsty introduces a screen recording of Tate's art movements - a handy reference for all fine art students.

  • null
    JR. Time is Now, Yalla! Israel/Palestine. Photograph: Camlacaze via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

    Video picks: JR- Inside out

    Insights editor Kirsty introduces JR's global community photography projects.

  • A portrait photo of a man of African descent looking into the camera, wearing oversized, futuristic glasses made out of metal
    Cyrus Kabiru. Kubwa Macho Nne Tom and Jerry 2015. Pigment Ink on HP Premium Satin Photographic Paper 150 x 150 cm Ed 1of 5.⁠ Photograph: Cyrus Kabiru. Courtesy of SMAC Gallery.

    Video picks: Cyrus Kabiru- C-Stunners

    Cultural and historical studies tutor Teleica explores the world of sustainable artist and sculptor Cyrus Kabiru.

  • null
    Still from Studio Visit | TateShots.

    Video picks: Haroon Mizra's sculptural sound installations

    Fine art tutor Shepherd introduces Chelsea College of Art grad Haroon Mirza who makes art from found audio footage and objects.

Topics: keywords

  • A colourful infographic
    Still from Keywords- Thinking and designing. Video: Yosana Leal.

    Keywords: thinking and designing

    Textiles tutor Yosana introduces us to the world of design thinking through systematic, intuitive and functionality approaches.

  • A female student adds a scale figure to her rough architectural sketch model
    A student working on their sketch model during UAL Insights Summer Schools. Photograph: UAL.

    Keywords: the language of architecture and spatial design no.1

    Architecture, interior and spatial design students Chinelo and Sean introduce us to some terms that you’ll come across in the first few weeks at uni.

  • Multiple sheets of paper showing rubbings from different objects to create a texture
    Textural illustration: Omar Hernandez del Canto.

    Keywords: the language of illustration no.1

    Illustration tutor Omar breaks down some of the processes and materials you need as an illustrator.

  • Stylised illustration of a character wearing a samurai helmet adorned with a crab, sea creature and flowers
    Crab Samurai illustration. Omar Hernandez del Canto. 2020.

    Keywords: defining creative confidence

    Illustration tutor Omar introduces some ideas on how to develop your creative confidence, a keyword for all creatives.

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