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Video picks: Tate timeline- Art across the decades

  • Written byKirsty Gentle
  • Published date08 November 2018
Screenshot from Sonia Cerezquita's video of Tate Modern Timeline by Sarah Fanelli.
We found this piece of art history gold on and had to share it with you.

In 2006, designer and illustrator Sarah Fanelli was commissioned by Tate to create a 40 metre long timeline to go alongside their new permanent collection.

Tate timeline

Video: Sonia Cerzquita.

This illustration introduces all art movements since 1900 and the key artists who shaped these movements. Her hand-drawn approach is said to reflect the dynamic nature of 20th century art – that things are not fixed, not set in stone.

The timeline is available as a poster – but who needs that when we’ve got Sonia Cerezquita’s video (thanks Sonia)! This is definitely one to keep in your favourites. From the magic of Sonia Delaunay and Orphism to the showmanship of the Young British Artists and everything in-between, there’s a world of artists and movements that may be new to you. Take a look and find your new favourites to inspire your own work.

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