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Techniques: Create natural dyes

A bowl of earthy and pink cotton ribbons
  • Written byRafin Jannat
  • Published date 25 February 2021
A bowl of earthy and pink cotton ribbons
Still from video How to/Techniques: Create natural dyes. Rafin Jannat.
Rafin places sustainability at the heart of her womenswear collections. In this 'how to' she shows you how to create earthy and vibrant eco-friendly dyes at home.

Across the 5 videos Rafin experiments with 4 types of fruit and vegetable waste. She uses natural scrap materials- cotton, silk and linen fabric, cotton ribbon and paper- to see what colours may work for her eco-friendly designs.

Mint leaves

Mixed berries

Onion skins


Final outcomes

Videos: Rafin Jannat. Co-Editor: Crina Ene.

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