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Slashie-style: portraits and conversations

‘Slashie-style’ is a series of portraits of individuals whose personal style demonstrates the hybridity and subjective meaning of contemporary streetstyle.

Photographer, director and artist Olivia Rose sourced almost all of her subjects through Instagram, which she describes as “an amazing casting tool, allowing me to write calls to action on my Instagram Story and ask for people to nominate themselves for the project or recommend other people. It's been completely essential for the gathering of names and styles.”

“Grilling them” via direct message about how they would label their style, and the contradictions and straightforward connections that arose between music and subculture, led Rose to shoot Iris, Kyle, Fusion, Ki Pharaoh and Roxy. Each subject brought a precious item to the shoot, and what follows is the interaction between Rose’s camera and their personal style , the details of which are captured in a series of conversations for Subcultures: Now (PDF 4MB).

Iris: Biker/ Basic

"I’m not against labels, I just don’t see often where I could fit."

Kyle: 90’s Hip Hop/ UK Skater

"I feel like I come under/embrace a lot of subcultures and put it all together. I kind of mix it all up."

Fusion: Road Mad/ Grime

"It’s comfortability, very easy and it’s just a way of living, it’s a way of life. When you’re in a tracksuit you feel like you can do anything."

Ki Pharaoh: Black and White

"I think I like to spread knowledge by what I wear without it being completely in your face."

Roxy: Skinhead in Progress/ Formalwear Tank Girl

"Sometimes I get given stuff by people; but mainly [from] charity shops. It’s better for the environment and it’s cheaper. We like those things."