Max Dovey - Artist

Max Dovey graduated from Wimbledon's BA Print and Time-Based Media in 2011, and is now a freelance artist who's been shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize.

What have you been up to since graduating from BA Fine Art Print and Time-Based Media?

I did a production internship at Battersea Arts Centre, was shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize in 2012, curated a group show in London to mark the end of analogue broadcasting in this country and took one of my installations to a load of music festivals in the UK last summer. 

It's worth mentioning that I also worked part-time in bars and restaurants throughout all of this.

And what are you working on now?

I'm still working in bars and restaurants while making work and producing videos for theatre groups. I've also been working for the University of Arts London as a technician for the last year, which has allowed me to stay involved with the college. 

How did studying at Wimbledon help prepare you for your career?

I formed working relationships with my fellow students at Wimbledon that are still active today and have been vital in producing and exhibiting work. 

What's studying at Wimbledon like?

The College community is very close and supportive, always encouraging you to be more active with your work. You get to know a lot of artists working across the different courses too, which makes it easier to form collectives you can create work with.

What skills did you learn from the College's tutors and technicians?

The teaching staff were always really considerate and supportive, but my most memorable piece of advice was from Jordan Baseman who gave me my first ever tutorial. I hadn't done an art foundation or studied art and he basically said, "you're at art school now - you can do anything".

How much industry experience did you gain during your course?

As part of the Personal and Professional Development module, students have to get some sort of work experience. So I took an abandoned shop in Brixton market and converted it into a community theatre for a month, which was really fantastic. 

What's your favourite memory from Wimbledon?

There are a lot; the five-day festival where we organised and curated a programme of events as well as exhibitions was brilliant. 

Travelling to Madrid for a group exhibition we organised as part of mileskm, an international artist collective formed at Wimbledon College of Art, was also a brilliant experience.

Hosting University Challenge in the lecture theatre was also a really fond memory. 

Any advice for the next generation of Wimbledon students?

Don't get hung up on the idea of being a 'successful artist' - in the current economy, more and more artists are having to find other forms of regular employment.

And make experimental work that challenges you technically. You'll gain skill sets from this that will open doors to more interesting freelance work, otherwise you might become just another artist working in a bar!