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Performance work by NatalieWearden

Courses at Wimbledon

Wimbledon College of Arts offers a range of performance courses.

Work by BA Theatre Design student Katharine Davies Herbst.

Undergraduate Courses

Our performance courses offer a comprehensive programme of acting, theatre, film and television related study.

Kate Lane performance. Part of the Acts Re-Acts event series at Wimbledon College of Arts.

Postgraduate Courses

Our MA Theatre Design course will help you develop the skills and attitude to become a designer within the theatre and other performance based disciplines.

3 women dressed as Dusty Springfield having a food fight performance.
Rosemary Cronin’s 3 Dusty Springfields having a Food Fight. Spectacular Evidence - Theatres of the Observed Mind symposium. Toynbee Studios. March 2017.

Research Degrees

Read about the benefits of studying a research degree at Wimbledon.

Set model by MA Theatre Design student Asimina Spyratou.

Short Courses

Wimbledon has a range of theatre, screen and performance short courses.

Sketch by BA Theatre Design student Anna Williams.

Portfolio Preparation

Courses to help you build a portfolio for different levels of study.

Work by BA Costume for Theatre and Screen student Lucy Kembey.

Study Abroad

There are a range of possibilities including semester and summer programmes.