Ellie Moss - Costume Designer

Ellie Moss graduated from Wimbledon's BA Costume Design course and now works as a costume maker.

What's studying BA Costume Design at Wimbledon like?

The College has a small but very friendly campus, which means you end up getting to know almost everyone there.

Wimbledon also runs courses for every section of a real life art department, which really helps with networking. My friends are all finding work in this industry too, so we can pass each other's names on for suitable projects, as well as supporting each other with working freelance.

What did you learn from the College's tutors and technicians?

I've greatly improved my sewing, dying and presenting skills, as well as learning new things like how to think practically, metal work and breaking down a script.

How did studying here prepare you for your career?

At Wimbledon, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of theatre and screen directors who all had different styles of working and also communicating these styles. 

Working alongside these professionals and developing my design projects has taught me how to interact with directors, improved my communication skills as well as developing and improving my design style.

Did you get much industry experience during your course?

I was extremely lucky to find a costume design internship at the High Tide Festival in 2011 and also worked on the Wyndam's Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing.

What's your favourite memory from Wimbledon?

I was very fortunate to be part of the Sir John Soane's Museum commissioned Banqueting House event in 2011, where the second and third year students created costumes and performed at this central London location.

Any advice for future Costume Design students?

It's a very hard industry to be in, but being able to work in a craft you love and enjoy is extremely rewarding, so don't give up!

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