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Disability and dyslexia: applying for a course and joining UAL

There are things you may need to consider when making an application, or preparing to join a course. Find out more and contact the Disability Service if you have any questions. We offer advice at any stage of the application process.

Please also refer to UAL's Coronavirus guidance for prospective students.

Making an application

If you are thinking about applying to UAL, or making an application, we suggest that you:

Disclose that you are disabled on your application form

Applicants can disclose that they are disabled on their University application form. If you’ve disclosed, we will contact you after you accept your course offer. Course applications are considered on academic merit alone.

Arrange support for open days and interviews

Adjustments and support can be arranged for open days and interviews, for example:

  • Scheduling breaks during interviews
  • Ensuring step free access is available
  • Booking BSL interpreters

You'll need to tell the event organiser about your access requirements. Please contact them in advance by replying to emails about the event. If you're unsure what you need, you can request more information about the format of the event. The Disability Service can help you contact the relevant department.

Open days will not be available on-campus whilst social distancing measures are in place. UAL’s Coronavirus guidance for prospective students includes information about online open days.

Find out about access to University buildings

You can find detailed access information about all UAL sites on the Access Able website. This includes:

  • Availability of step-free access
  • Parking facilities
  • Accessible toilets
  • Route guides

UAL has some older buildings that do not have step-free access. If you need step-free access please contact to discuss your needs.

Access Able guides will be updated around the end of September to reflect UAL’s social distancing measures. Please monitor the Access Able website for updates.

If you’ve been offered a place at UAL

If you have been offered a place at UAL, here are the next steps you need to take to access support:

Tell the Disability Service about your study requirements

Early communication helps us to ensure that any support you need is in place from the start of your course. You can contact if you are applying for a course and would like advice.

A Disability Adviser will contact you before your course begins and discuss your requirements. They will help you access adjustments, support and funding for your course.

The Disability Service is a confidential service. We won't share information with other University departments until you give us permission. Please read the Disability Service Confidentiality Guide (PDF 1201KB) for full details.

Gather disability evidence

You’ll need evidence to access disability support and funding. Find out more about the evidence requirements.

Please email evidence to or post a photocopy to:

Disability Service, 
University of the Arts London, 
272 High Holborn, London, 

Tell Accommodation Services if you have access requirements

UAL offers student accommodation at locations across London. Due to overwhelming demand, students are not always offered their preferred housing options.

If you are applying for a place in UAL Halls of Residence:

  • Apply early
  • Disclose that you are disabled on your accommodation application. The application form will ask about your access requirements, so you can give as much detail as possible.
  • Find out more about Accommodation Services online.

The Disability Service and Accommodation Services are confidential services. They will not share information unless you give permission. Please inform both Accommodation Services and the Disability Service about your access requirements.

Find out more about What to Expect from the Disability Service as a UAL student.

Disability Service
+44 (0)20 7514 6156

Please tell us:
1. Your name.
2. Student ID number (if known).
3. The course you are interested in.
4. The nature of your query.

Information is treated confidentially. It will not be shared outside the Disability Service without consent. For exceptions, please see the Disability Service Confidentiality Guide (PDF 1201KB).


+44 (0)20 7514 6240


For full access and route guides to all our sites visit AccessAble