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Information for non-medical help providers

This information is for Non-Medical Help Providers who are supporting UAL students.

Liaising with the UAL Disability Service

The Disability Service has a Support Work Coordinator called Katie Atkinson. Please direct general queries and feedback requests to Katie ( or +44 (0)20 7514 8446).

Each student has a named Disability Adviser, according to their course of study. Please direct student queries to the Disability Adviser, when known.

Please direct invoice queries to

Visit the UAL Disability Service pages for more information about how we work.

Useful information about UAL

Concerns about students

Please direct concerns to the Disability Service as soon as possible. We will seek to support you and the student by:

  • Directing you to the most appropriate place.
  • Following-up with the student and signposting or referring them to support.

Any action will be considered in-line with the Disability Service Confidentiality Policy (PDF 1201KB).

If you believe the student is at risk, please also refer to the UAL Counselling & Health Service webpages. This includes information about duty and drop-in sessions, as well as helplines and emergency support.

Access to UAL sites

Support workers need an ID card to access UAL sites. Please email the Support Work Coordinator ( to request an ID card. Include the worker’s title, full name and date of birth.

Room bookings (Specialist Mentoring only)

UAL does not have a mechanism for external providers, or students, to book rooms. However, the Disability Service can book rooms for Specialist Mentoring where available. Space is very limited so flexibility is required.


  • Direct rooming queries to the Support Work Coordinator ( or Disability Admin Team (
  • Contact us to discuss room availability, before offering times to students.
  • Make requests at least a week in advance.

The Disability Service does not have capacity to book rooms for other support types.

Missed sessions (Band 1-3 and BSL Interpreting only)

UAL may fund short-notice cancellations that are not funded by DSA. The following procedure must be followed. This applies to students funded by the University and DSA:

  1. The supplier advises UAL of their cancellation policy when support commences. UAL recognises the same cancellation periods as DSA.
  2. The supplier informs the Disability Adviser of all short-notice cancellations within a week. This must include evidence of the short-notice cancellation. Examples include a timesheet signature or email/text from the student.

UAL will pay for short-notice cancellations for HEI related reasons when:

  • The supplier informs the Disability Adviser of the short-notice cancellation within a week.
  • The supplier provides information and/or evidence about the HEI cancellation.

Minimum booking periods:

UAL recognizes minimum booking periods for BSL interpreting only.

Feedback requests

Please submit feedback requests to the Support Work Coordinator (


To ensure prompt payment, invoices should:

  • Be sent electronically to
  • Always show your VAT number (if applicable)
  • Show UAL’s full address and be clearly marked for the Disability Service
  • Always be supported by electronic copies of signed timesheets
  • Always show the name of the student, the student’s ID Number and the date support was delivered on.