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Post-Grad Interest Group: Fashion and Ethnicity

Written by Post-Grad Community
Published date 04 August 2020
Fashion is culture: the way we dress our bodies reflects our origins, the groups we associate ourselves with, who we believe we are, and what we want to be. Ethnicity, as reflecting our heritage, familial groups and active cultural practices, informs the way we experience the world.  The Fashion & Ethnicity Interest Group will be a platform to connect students and researchers considering how ethnicity intersects with practices of fashion in its broadest sense.

Following our successful PhD-led event 'Fashioning Inclusivity Symposium' held at LCF in June 2019, we are launching the Fashion & Ethnicity Post-Grad Interest Group. This will provide a regular opportunity to bring together researchers working on fashion, dress, textile, ethnicity and race. At monthly events, we will discuss and develop our research, share resources, present our work, run workshops and events.  Also, we will offer an opportunity for networking, collaboration, peer support, guidance and mentoring.

ballerinas in various nude colour skirts

Open to PhD and MA students at UAL 

The group aims to be an open, inclusive group which welcomes postgraduate students at UAL and other interested parties.

Importantly, the group will host both researchers and practitioners, teachers and students, to facilitate new ways of understanding by providing opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Online launch event

The launch event is scheduled for Thursday, 17 September at 2pm (GMT) and will be hosted online via Zoom. Those who wish to attend must get in touch via email to gain access to the event link.

The launch event will be hosted online as an open group workshop. The agenda is as follows:

  • Hosts: Present our aims for the group
  • All participants: Give short introductions to their background and research (2-5 mins)
  • Discuss potential activities for future meetings, with an online ideating session with participants

Join us for the launch activity online to begin a dialogue on the field of fashion and ethnicity. This includes and is not limited to textiles, clothing, sustainability, fashion history, advertising and marketing, art and pedagogy.

Monthly meets

Meetings thereafter will be held on the first Thursday of every month to connect students and researchers working on fashion, textiles, dress, body adornment, ethnicity and race. We consider 'Fashion' in its fullest sense, and include clothing, accessories and textiles; design, history, advertising, marketing and media; students, practitioners, researchers and teachers.

At the monthly events, we will discuss and develop our research, share resources, present our work, run workshops, develop events, and offer an opportunity for networking, peer support, guidance and mentoring.

What to expect

Activity will include the discussion group, peer presentations and crit/feedback group, visitor presentations, workshops, and trips to exhibitions (where possible). Activities will vary monthly.

Currently meeting online. Future meetings may be hosted at UAL group spaces, or at external locations such as museums, studios, and coffee-shops.

Inviting a varied audience including PhD, MA, Alumni and External.

Get in touch if interested

If you are interested in participating in discussions or future discussion please email us at

Group leaders

The Fashion & Ethnicity group is led by PhD Candidates Kadian Gosler, Anushka Tay, and Rawan Maki. In 2019, Anushka and Kadian convened the ‘Fashioning Inclusivity Symposium’ funded by the LCF PhD Student Hub and Techne-AHRC.  The symposium-initiated discourse on how the field of fashion could be developed in the most inclusive ways possible, by practitioners, researchers, historians, teachers and students.

pinned corset on a mannequin
Kadian Gosler

Kadian Gosler

Kadian Gosler is a theory and practice-led PhD candidate within the UAL Fashion & Textile and Design department. Her interdisciplinary interests include fashion design processes, experience-centred & emotion-centred design, wearable technology, dress and embodiment, and Black women's sexuality, femininity and ageing.  Her PhD explores experience through a multi-perspective approach in the design and development of Bra Wearables — a subsection of smart bras. Kadian's extensive educational background in intimate apparel and professional career as a lingerie designer & merchandiser in New York City informs her practical approach and interests in the future of the field.

green knitted socks on tatooed leg
credit: Anushka Tay

Anushka Tay

Anushka is a Techne-AHRC funded PhD candidate at the London College of Fashion. Her PhD entitled 'Chinoiserie Outside China 1945-present' is a multi-generational investigation of British Chinese dress histories, considering the implications of Chinoiserie fashion design and diasporan Chinese dress. Her research combines interviews with close object analysis of dress, and is informed by her practice-based background as a costume designers and maker.

knitted red black and white coat
credit: Rawan Maki

Rawan Maki

Rawan Maki is a PhD researcher in Design for Sustainability at London College of Fashion. Her research explores social, material, behavioral and structural transitions required to move towards sustainability in the Gulf and Arab world, using Bahrain as a case study.

Rawan is also a designer of an eponymous fashion label and a coordinator for Fashion Revolution. Her label has been displayed on runways and events in New York, London, Berlin, Beirut, Dubai, and Riyadh. In August 2019, Forbes Middle East recognized Rawan Maki as one of the pioneering female designers behind brands.

Post-Grad Interest Groups

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