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Researchers and staff

  • Nora Qamar

    Nora Qamar

    Personal Assistant and Administrator

  • Jerneja Rebernak
    Jerneja Rebernak
    Jerneja Rebernak

    Project and Partnerships Manager: Transforming Collections: Reimagining Art, Nation and Heritage

  • Fleur Kaminska
    Fleur Kaminska
    Fleur Kaminska

    Project Administrator – Transforming Collections: Reimagining Art, Nation and Heritage

  • Martine Rouleau
    Martine Rouleau
    Martine Rouleau

    Project Producer

  • Maya Little
    Maya Little
    Maya Little

    20/20 Project Assistant at the Decolonising Arts Institute


Our network of academics from across UAL who are affiliated to the Institute and undertake temporary projects with us:


Decolonising Archives

Our Decolonising Archives 2020 residents:

  • Dr Khairani Barokka
  • Dr Elisa Adami
  • Dr Ana S González Rueda
  • Dr Mohammad Namazi
  • Dr Alice Correia,
  • Dr Michelle Gamaker Willliams
  • Dr Hannah C Jones
  • Dr Nina Trivedi

Decolonising Collections

Our Decolonising Collections 2021 residents:

  • Harvey Dimond
  • Marenka Thompson-Odlum

Digital Artist in Residence

Our Digital Artist in Residence 2021:

  • Maybelle Peters

Research Fellows

  • Ileana Lucia-Selejan
  • Khairani Barokka