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UAL Decolonising Arts Institute

Girl picking up a book in the library
Girl picking up a book in the library
In the library at Camberwell College of Arts UAL, Photo by Alys Tomlinson

Challenging colonial legacies and disrupting ways of seeing, listening, thinking and making

The UAL Decolonising Arts Institute seeks to challenge colonial and imperial legacies and drive cultural, social and institutional change.

We imagine the Institute as a decentred, disruptive, evolving and porous space. We aim to create interdisciplinary collaborations and research-driven projects through partnerships across UAL and beyond.

Our work

  • Gallery with placards made out of magazines
    Sonia Boyce, Devotional Wallpaper and Placards, 2008-2020. Acquired by the Contemporary Art Society for the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) through the Rapid Response Fund, 2020.


    Read about Decolonising Arts Institute activities.

  • People looking at artworks in an exhibition
    AHRC Black Artists & Modernism project, Speech Acts exhibition opening, Manchester Art Gallery. Image: Andrew Brooks

    Credit: Image: Andrew Brooks

    Explore our upcoming and past events.

  • Pamphlets and booklets on a table.
    AHRC Black Artists & Modernism project, David Medalla Study Day. Image: Daniel Day

    Credit: Image: Daniel Day
    About us

    Find out more about our vision and ambitions for decolonising arts.


  • Artwork: Album of souvenir cards
    1992 Trophies of Empire: The Trophy Cabinet South Atlantic Souvenirs and Trouble Card album Courtesy of Bluecoat

    Black artists in the North West of England

    Institute Research Fellow Dr Anjalie Dalal-Clayton published collections and exhibitions about the history of Black artists in England’s North-West.

  • A selection of portrait photos on a table shot from above
    Photo by Ileana J. Selejan

    Citizens of photography: the camera and the political imagination

    Institute Research Fellow Dr Ileana L. Selejan examines how citizens and communities engage with photography in their everyday.

  • A young man with one arm drawing in a sketchbook
    Fungai Benhura working in the Studio. BA Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts © Alys Tomlinson

    How to make art in a pandemic?

    Institute Research Fellow Dr Khairani Barokka explores what discussions on “ableism” and “access” mean in the art world - particularly in the COVID-19 era.

  • Still image of Chinese Chippendale perofrmance
    Sensing Obscurity II: The Chinese Chippendales Erika Tan 2013

    Sensing Obscurity

    Institute Research Associate Erika Tan re-stages her work ‘Sensing Obscurity’ as part of the Performa Biennial in New York.

  • Close up of a man pressing a wire against his teeth
    Still from TEETH by Jennifer Martin. Courtesy of B.Dewitt

    TEETH - video installation

    Institute Research Assistant Ashleigh M. Barice co-curated TEETH through collaboration and discussion with UK-based immigrants.

Our people