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Undergrowth - A publication exploring nature in London

Undergrowth - Call for collaborators - Image of a frog in a damp forest
Undergrowth - Call for collaborators - Image of a frog in a damp forest

Written by
Mike Hankin
Published date
13 February 2019

A new venture exploring the nature in London

By Mike Hankin, (alumni, MA Applied Imagination, CSM)

Hello everyone,

My name’s Mike, I’m a recent graduate of the MA in Applied Imagination at CSM and now lead the 2nd year product design BA there.

Along with the illustrator Rachel Lillie we are starting a print publication exploring nature in London. The project is called Undergrowth. The first issue is about London’s soil and we’re already working with Kew Gardens, The Natural History Museum and many others including visual artists and creative writers to help bring the project to life. I put a call out in the summer and since the project has developed and we are looking again for contributors.

We’re hoping to find journalists, illustrators, artists and photographers who are either interested in nature and looking for projects to collaborate on or people who already have work that they would like to share exploring soil in London. Also, if you'd like to get involved in some other way then please feel free to get in touch!

Our website is in its early stages but please have a look and email me at if you’re interested.

We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,