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It is a great day to Macramé!

macrame Workshop Text and plant hanger
  • Written byPost-Grad Community
  • Published date07 April 2021
macrame Workshop Text and plant hanger
Post-Grad Community Macrame Workshop

Written by Suzannah Olanrewaju-Gabriel, MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion

Acknowledging April as Stress Awareness Month the end of Spring Term break and taking a break from lockdown.

UAL Post-Grad Community Ambassadors Mara Cutas (MA Bio Design at CSM) and Suzannah Olanrewaju-Gabriel (MA Fashion Photography at LCF) hosted 2 online workshops on how to create a Macramé plant hanger in order to focus on wellbeing and opportunity to socialise with other students online.

NOTE: Find the video tutorials to make your own Macramé plant hanger at the bottom of this article!

The Macramé making session was led by Mara and consisted of these four beginner Macramé knots:

macrame Square knots
Square knots by Mara Cutas
macrame Alternating square knots
Alternating square knots by Mara Cutas
macrame Spiral knots
Spiral knots by Mara Cutas
macram knot example
Gathering knot by Mara Cutas

We did not have enough time during the session to cover knots such as the double half hitch knots, single half hitch knots and the alternating half hitch knots. However, if Macrame is something you want to explore further, then it may be worth looking those knots up!

We asked participants to have yarn, but many bought different materials to the session such as: thread, laces, and wire which all worked just as fine! The session was extremely enjoyable and therapeutic. Attendees were very excited to get stuck in and create their own Macramé knots, as shown below:

Macramé example
Macramé by Elly Rutherford
macrame example
Macramé by Catherine Herbert
Caption: Macramé by Anna Damgaard
Macramé by Suzannah Olanrewaju-Gabriel

Following on from session one, we created our own Macramé plant hangers in session two. Below are some of the beautiful Macramé plant hangers created by Mara and Debra.

Macramé Plant hanger
Macramé Plant hanger created by Mara Cutas
Macramé plant hanger
Plant hanger by Debra

We all concluded the session by giving Mara a virtual round-of-applause, she really did a fantastic job! The attendees also provided breath-taking feedback for our first Macramé making session which was very encouraging.

If you were unable to join us you can watch Mara's video tutorial for the Macramé knots and the final hanger creating session below:

Mara's Macramé knots tutorial

The final workshop - creating the plant hanger

The workshops were attended by both current students and alumni. It was refreshing to learn a little bit about everybody’s background and what they are up to as current students and graduates.

— Mara and Suzannah
It was a great workshop and now that I know the knots, I will be definitely off to the shops, when they open, to get more twine to begin more projects!

— Debra Fendley Workshop participant

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