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Charging devices in the future - Post-Grad Interest Group

electrical socket with smiles face sticker over it
electrical socket with smiles face sticker over it

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Post-Grad Community
Published date
17 November 2019

First meeting announced:

Wednesday 11 March 2020 at 2pm in Room: T1104 at London College of Communication

What can be the experience of charging your device in the future? Maybe no more 'CHARGING' anymore.

Supported by the Post-Grad Community Project Fund - Digital Futures, MA students Xiangsong Yang - MSc Creative computing, Creative Computing Institute and Xinyuan Xu - MA Game Design, LCC invite postgrads to come together and explore the potential of redesigning electronic device charging.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone 4 to the world, the mobile device has been rapidly developing.

As the concept of working on the go, consumers have started to look at the performance of the processing and battery endurance of mobile devices. Generally, battery performance of most mobile devices are not up to scratch with consumers needs!

This student led interest group will be focusing on exploring possible design solutions with an ambition to improve the mobile device with improved charging and battery system design.

Together, it is hoped that the group will help to raise the awareness of environment and responsibility for the digital future.

The meetings will be used as a knowledge share/ talk about current trends for charging for mobile device and better options which include what is best for the environment. This discussion will be run by the Interest Group Leaders and an invited UCL student who is doing an MA in Material Chemistry who will talk about the direction of Battery and Electro-chemistry.

With a laboratory/ testing theme, any outcome for this exploration will be useful, whether we fail or succeed and take over the industry with our idea - let's get together and give it a go!

The interest group leaders will interview those who are interested to find out what their interests are alongside skills available.  The project is expected to run  for least 3 months, which include the sessions of research, design and discussion.

Please email Xinyuan Xu to let him know you would like to join the group

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