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Essential coronavirus info
Your safety is our first priority.

Computers and printing

Information for students about UAL IT Services, computers and printing

You can print, scan and photocopy on A3/A4 standard white paper on any of the Samsung printers across UAL sites. Find specialist printing facilities for any other requirements.

COVID-19 and printing

We have temporarily adjusted our printing services within UAL libraries to accommodate social distancing.

Clean before use

Please use good hand hygiene before and after touching printers. Wipe printer surfaces clean before and after use using the products provided.

Card only

All libraries are now cashless. Top-up print credit or repay library fees using PaperCut or Your Library account.

‘One touch’ printing

Print all documents with a just one tap of your UAL ID card. Any document you have sent for printing will be released as soon as you tap your card.

USB printing has been disabled

As a temporary measure, you can no longer use a plug-in a USB to print directly from a printer. This is to limit physical touch points where possible.

Remove your jobs

If you need to cancel a print job, please do this at your computer by opening the print queue function, rather than cancelling on the printer’s touchscreen.

Keep your distance

Please avoid queuing at printers and give people space wherever possible to avoid overcrowding.

Found out more about Library Services.

Printing help

How do I cancel a print job?

You can cancel a print job using the PaperCut portal:

  1. Log into Papercut with your UAL credentials
  2. Go to Jobs Pending Release
  3. Select Cancel against the relevant print job

If the print job does not disappear from the queue, select Refresh Now.

Help guides

Use the following guides to get the most out of your printing and help with common queries.

Change an image's DPI with Adobe Photoshop (PDF 1.13MB)

Correct an over-saturated image with Adobe Photoshop (PDF 925KB)

Print multiple images on one page for Mac OS (PDF 0.97MB)

Print from UAL computers

  1. Open the file and select File > Print
  2. Under Printer select UAL Colour (colour) or UAL Mono (black and white)
  3. Select Print
  4. Press your student ID card to the icon on the side of the printer's reader to log in
  5. Select your print jobs and follow the on-screen instructions

UAL Printing Policy (PDF 126KB)

Forgotten your ID Card?

Select Login with networking ID from the printer's homescreen and use the keypad to enter your UAL network username and password.

Print from USB devices

USB printing is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

You can print .JPEG and .PDF files using a FAT32 format USB only. Other file types and USB formats are not currently accepted.

Use the Printing from a USB guide (PDF 273KB)

Print from your device or another location

Mobility Print

Print wirelessly from your laptop, smart phone or tablet using Mobility Print. All prints are automatically set to print double-sided and A4

Use the Mobility Print and Web Print guide (PDF 566KB).

Web Print

Send a file to UAL printers while you're off-site. Access Web Print from the online portal.

Use the Mobility Print and Web Print guide (PDF 566KB).

Print credit

Print costs

A4 colour: 15p per page
A3 colour: 24p per page

A4 black and white: 4p per page
A3 black and white: 8p per page

Purchase your credit online

Libraries are cashless. You can top-up your print credit, plus check your balance, print history and environmental impact by logging onto the online portal PaperCut.

  1. Use your UAL credentials to log in to PaperCut
  2. Select Add Credit
  3. Choose the amount - either £2, £5, £10, £20, £50 or £100
  4. Select Add Value
  5. You will be directed to a payment scree. Enter your card details and select Pay Now

Print credit refunds

Refunds due to technical issues

Please speak to library staff or contact the IT Service Desk if your credit top-up has not appeared on your account or you have been charged in error due to a printer fault.

Unused credit refunds when leaving UAL

Refunds cannot be issued for any unused credit on your account. Only purchase the necessary credit for your work which you know you will use before leaving UAL.

Outstanding balances 

Due to COVID-19 site closures, some students may not have been able to use their credit balances before graduating in the summer of 2020. Any outstanding balances will therefore be donated to the Student Hardship fund.

Find specialist printing facilities

UAL printers are designed for standard white paper only. Should you need to print on any other medium, there are computer and printing facilities available at every College:

Need to make an Online Resource Booking? Go to ORB and select your College.

Binding and laminating

You can bind or laminate your work at the Open Space at LCF and the Digital Reprographics Area at LCC.

The Open Space at LCF High Holborn offers binding and laminating services. This space also offers:

  • Paper trimmers
  • Cutting mats
  • Bulk copying
  • CDs
  • Paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Acetates and other stationary

Need IT support?

Contact the UAL IT Service Desk