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Tech Yard

Tech Yard is a Southwark-based, free, creative computing club.

We believe that technology should be creative, fun, criticised and accessible so we provide free, introductory workshops to a broad range of creative technologies - all hosted by a mix of industry professionals, higher education students and recent graduates. Tech Yard is funded by UAL Creative Computing Institute and founded and maintained by Creative Computing Artist and Educator Jazmin Morris.

Tech Yard inspires people to have agency over how they interact with computers. “We empower people to think: ‘I can make this’ rather than ‘this has been made for me’,” says UAL lecturer Jazmin Morris, the founder of Tech Yard and a creative computing artist and educator based in London. Her practice and research explore representation and inclusivity within technology. “I hope this has a knock-on effect for future generations, building more accessible and diverse platforms.”

From the beginning, Tech Yard has been for everyone – whether they have an existing interest in tech or not. It helps to provide a genuine sense of community and confidence, along with building up skills through accessible, enjoyable training in creative computing.

What is creative computing?

We see it as anything that facilitates a technical approach to creativity, our sessions include:

  • Web Design
  • Game Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Generative Art
  • 3D Modelling & Animation
  • Critical Internet Theory
  • Virtual Reality Development
  • Augmented Reality Development

And we are always open to suggestions...

A digital illustration of Tech Yard which includes stickers saying 'free' and depicts a computer keyboard and other computational elements
Tech Yard, by Finn Weaver 2022

Who is Tech Yard for?

Tech Yard has done a lot of work with young people in and around Southwark, but is very open to working with any people/communities that feel they would benefit from skills in this area. We are particularly interested in working with people that would not usually interact with this field or feel that their voices are excluded from the industry.

How to get involved

If you are an individual interested in joining the next public programme, or if you are an organisation interested in collaborating with us (we come and run a session/programme for your community/school) please get in touch with Jazmin at

You can also email Jazmin with any general enquiries.


  • Jazmin Morris smiling
    Jazmin Morris
  • Val Toro smiling while working with computational components
    Val Toro, 2021, UAL Creative Computing Institute, Copyright holder: Alys Tomlinson
  • Rocio Rey holding up some wires
    Rocio Rey, 2021, UAL Creative Computing Institute, Copyright holder: Alys Tomlinson
  • Finn Weaver smiling at their laptop
    Finn Weaver, 2021, UAL Creative Computing Institute, Copyright holder: Alys Tomlinson