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Academic Staff

  • Peaks Krafft
    Credit: Courtesy UAL Courtesy UAL, Peaks Krafft
    Peaks Krafft

    MA Internet Equalities Course Leader

  • Louis McCallum
    Courtesy UAL,
    Louis McCallum

    MSc Data Science and AI for the Creative Industries Course Leader

  • Jazmin Morris
    Jazmin Morris
    | Photograph: Courtesy UAL
    Jazmin Morris

    BSc Creative Computing Lecturer and Digital Outreach

  • Phoenix Perry, UAL Creative Computing Institute
    Courtesy UAL, Phoenix Perry, UAL Creative Computing Institute.
    Phoenix Perry

    MSc Creative Computing Course Leader

  • Charlotte Webb
    Credit: Courtesy UAL Courtesy UAL, Charlotte Webb
    Charlotte Webb

    Senior Lecturer, online courses

  • Mick Grierson
    Courtesy UAL, Mick Grierson
    Mick Grierson  

    Professor and Research Leader - UAL Institute for Creative Computing

  • Anna Troisi
    Courtesy UAL, Anna Troisi
    Anna Troisi  

    Course Leader - BSc Creative Computing

  • Vasiliki Lalioti
    Courtesy UAL, Vasiliki Lalioti
    Vasiliki Lalioti  

    Programme Director Creative Computing Institute

  • an image of Dr Bea Wohl
    Credit: Courtesy UAL Courtesy UAL, Dr Bea Wohl
    Bea Wohl

    Research Assistant

  • Image of Murad Khan speaking into a microphone
    Courtesy UAL, Murad Khan
    Murad Khan

    Course Leader and Senior Lecturer, Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Creative Computing

  • Image of Mahalia Henry-Richards
    Courtesy UAL, Mahalia Henry-Richards
    Mahalia Henry-Richards

    Lecturer in Creative Computing

  • Stella Doukianou
    Courtesy UAL, Stella Doukianou
    Stella Doukianou  

    Senior Lecturer in Creative Computing (BSc CC)

  • black and white image of Hunter Brueggemann
    Credit: Courtesy UAL Courtesy UAL, Hunter Brueggemann
    Hunter Brueggemann

    Lecturer in Creative Computing (MSc/MA Computing and Creative Industry)

  • Image of Yasmine Boudiaf
    Courtesy UAL, Yasmine Boudiaf
    Yasmine Boudiaf

    Research Assistant

  • Black and white image of Iulia Ionescu
    Courtesy UAL, Iulia Ionescu
    Iulia Ionescu

    MRes Creative Computing Course Leader

Professional and technical staff