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UAL Creative Computing Institute


Photo of man reaching out with LED screen in hand
Photo of man reaching out with LED screen in hand
Guillaume Querard, Photo of man reaching out with LED screen in hand

We are a new space for you to learn skills and develop knowledge in creative computing.

At UAL Creative Computing Institute you can learn new skills and develop knowledge in:

  • Creativity and machine learning
  • Human computer interaction
  • Big data, social platforms and digital citizenship
  • Computational environments, visualisation and sensing
  • Creative coding and software development for the digital creative industries

These skills and knowledge are in high demand in industry. As a graduate you can find exciting career opportunities in many fields, including:

  • Web and app development
  • Interactive digital experience
  • Smart product development
  • Internet of things

Introduction to CCI

Social Mission

A key part of its status as an institute within UAL is its social mission. This has 3 key related areas of work:

1. Digital Inclusion

We create opportunities for marginalised people to access creative technology.

2. Diversity in Technology

We are mindful of how the technology we develop impacts society.

3. Digital Entrepreneurship

We create entrepreneurship opportunities for marginalised people.

CCI Feminist Internet Workshop
Courtesy UAL, CCI staff deliver a workshop at the UAL Creative Computing Institute.


Students and researchers will benefit from our purpose build labs and spaces including:

  • Specialist teaching spaces
  • Technical resources
  • Expert support staff

You'll also have access to our specialised lecture programme, events, seminars and workshops.

Desks and computer facilities at CCI
Photography: Ana Escobar, UAL Creative Computing Institute


  • Hands pointing at a digital display with the letters A M T
    Credit: Image courtesy of UAL Image courtesy of UAL, Industry Collaboration/ High-Profile event: Mini-Maker Fair; BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

    Discovery our fantastic courses at Creative Computing Institute.

  • Student holding up a digital tool
    Designing a feminist Alexa. UAL Creative Computing Institute.

    Join our interdisciplinary creative computing research community.

  • A group of attendees chatting at a CCI workshop event
    Image courtesy of UAL,
    Partnerships and events

    Partner with us on teaching and research and discover events programme.

  • CCI Research Staff
    Courtesy UAL, CCI Research staff talk at the UAL Creative Computing Institute.

    Meet our talented team of staff.

Contact us

University of the Arts London
45–65 Peckham Road