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Living in London

Camberwell has a reputation for the arts which the college and its neighbour, the South London Gallery, are at the heart of. It’s a creative community that inspires us and is one that we are proud to be a part of and work alongside.

Where to live

There are many housing options available to students including halls of residence. Camberwell College of Arts has 3 halls of residence in easy walking distance:

You can also rent privately. UAL accommodation will give you more information about both these options.

South London Gallery.

The local area

Camberwell is a lively and unique area of south east London with good transport links to all parts of the city including Brixton and Dalston. The area may look a little gritty on the outside but it’s an easy place to fall in love with.

Studios and galleries

Many Camberwell graduates run and work at local art and design studios and galleries such as:

Find out more about the local art scene via the South London Art Map (SLAM) which provides a handy guide to the galleries in south London.

Going out

There are some great places to go out in the area and student favourites include Hermits Cave, The Tiger and The Stormbird in Camberwell and Bar Story, Peckham Springs, Canavans, Bussey Building, Four Quarters, Rye Wax and Voodoo Rays in Peckham.

A few other things in Peckham that are worthy of a mention are DKUKBalamii RadioWavey Garms and the Peckhamplex cinema.

Places to eat

You can also get some of the best food in London at really affordable prices with the restaurants, cafes and grocery stores reflecting the rich mix of people living in the area. Our students are particularly fond of Falafel Lebanese Cuisine, FM Mangal and Sophacles Bakery.