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AEM and Attainment Resources

Two asian female students in a workshop leaning over a piece of work with tools in hand

These resources include guidance on a range of practical teaching approaches, with a special focus on diversity and social justice.

Do you have an example of excellent and/or innovative teaching and learning at UAL? We’d love to hear about it:

Academic Enhancement Model support in 2021/22

This year AEM offers a choice of three focused strands of activity to each participating course team. Download the summary outlines below and access sample resources to find out more about each core area.

Attainment Resources

  • abstract purple artwork which looks vaguley like a computer circuit board

    Decolonising the Curriculum zines  

    A collaboration with Arts SU to address disparities in experience for international students and students of colour.

  • Image courtesy of UAL
    Diversity in Teams  

    Join a facilitated conversation about diversity in your UAL course team. Harness everyone's potential for you and your students.

Case Studies

  • White wall covered in purple and blue paint with stencilled word 'together' visible

    Delivering online learning at scale: Better Lives unit  

    Read more about the creation of this blended in-class and online learning experience.  Launched in February 2019, it was completed by around 1,400 first-year London College of Fashion students.

  • Darryl Clifton and Siobhan Clay sitting on a sofa in conversation
    Darryl Clifton (Design Programme Director) and Siobhan Clay in conversation
    Taking action to reduce the awarding gap  

    Watch this video to find out more about practical and cultural changes made by the BA (Hons) Illustration team at Camberwell College of Arts.

  • 3 images of POC looking at camera. Credit Anita Waithira Israel

    Podcast: The story of the zines  

    Listen to the story of the two Decolonising the Arts Curriculum: Perspectives on Higher Education zines.  How do they make space for the expression of different perspectives and experiences of decolonisation? Image Credit: Anita Waithira Israel.

Academic Enhancement Model Toolbox

A collection of tried and tested interventions to help you respond to challenges your course may face

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