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Academic enhancement resources

These resources have been created by our Academic Enhancement team and a number of collaborators. They aim to support our staff, students, and the wider community in promoting social justice within higher education. We've made sure to include the voices of staff, students, and experts to help inform both teaching practice and policy.

You can use and share these resources with people that might be interested in our work. Share your thoughts on how you’ve used them or how they affected you or your community in our feedback form.

To learn more about these resources or collaborate with us on new projects, get in touch with Gemma at

Some of our videos may not be fully accessible to all users. Contact Gemma if you need alternative formats or have any accessibility concerns.

Belonging through assessment: pipelines of compassion

Materials produced from the QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project.

Belonging and compassionate pedagogy

Pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) makes sure that students feel valued, respected, supported and included in their studies.

Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine series

The Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine is one part of a larger initiative by our staff and students. This examines teaching practices through the lens of decolonisation and addresses structural inequalities.

Decolonising teaching and learning

Resources and discussions focusing on enhancing the student experience for everyone.

Assessment for social justice

Learn about our approaches to assessment and our ongoing work in reducing the awarding gap for students.

Creative Mindsets

Creative Mindsets is a project focused on creating fair experiences in higher education.

Student imaginators

The 'student imaginators' are a cross-college group of our students and alumni. They create resources around decolonial approaches and compassionate pedagogy.

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    image: courtesy of UAL

    Decolonial approaches  

    A video made by our students to explore what decolonial practice is.

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    Image: courtesy of UAL

    Podcast: International student experience  

    Listen to international students talk about their experiences of studying at Central Saint Martins.

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    Image: courtesy of UAL

    Podcast: Student changemakers  

    Introducing the student changemakers – a group of student consultants who work with course leaders and course teams to bring more social justice into the curriculum.

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    Image: courtesy of UAL

    Podcast: disruption and correction  

    Dr Amita Nijhawan speaks with former students about their experiences as international students. They explore approaches to decolonisation and its link to personal practice and research.

Reducing awarding gaps

Explore the aspects of teaching and learning that can affect awarding differentials.

Enterprise and industry

Learn more about how to promote belonging and community by using decolonial approaches in enterprise and employability education.