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Reporting on Making Things Happen

Written by Post-Grad Community
Published date 13 February 2020

On Wednesday 5 January “Making Things Happen”, a collaboration between Post-Grad Community and the Social Design Institute brought together PhD students from across UAL under the four UAL research themes: Living with Environmental Change, Lifelong Health and Wellbeing, Digital Futures, and Community Resilience. This took place during RNUAL Block 2 and research season and was an opportunity to network and celebrate the diversity of research topics at the university. The format for these presentations will be taken forward in the Social Design Institute and PolicyLab showcase of research related to policy on 26 February in Chelsea College of Arts.

The students presented their research in relation to one of these themes using and object as an anchor for their talk.

Jessica Saunders, PhD student at LCF described the challenge of dealing with two complex waste streams: fashion and tech, and the issues that occur when these two are combined and fall between the legislative cracks of both sectors.

Loula Mercedes, presented her research at CSM which explores the circular economies of coffee production and materials creation in Columbia and focussed on the importance of social practices in this area.

Lesley-Ann Daly, also a CSM student, demonstrated another area where policy doesn’t consider new developments in technology with questions around the use of non-medical sensory enhancement devices. She demonstrated how she uses her design skills in communicating the complexity of this field to different audiences.

Carlotta Allum, a Design Against Crime PhD researcher at CSM used her letters from prison to talk about the importance of storytelling in rehabilitation. Her presentation also addressed policy recommendations around online access in prisons.

The evening went on with drinks a making activity in which the audience was invited to engage directly with the research themes by printing out their own research keywords on fabric badges to wear and use as conversation starters.


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