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Call for Collaborators: Are you a Cinematographer?

Published date
08 Nov 2018
Postgraduate Community
By Jacqueline Tsai, MA Visual Arts: Designer Maker Program at Camberwell

Camberwell MA Designer Maker – Alice Chen

Hey, I’m Jackie! I’m in my first year of the MA Visual Arts: Designer Maker program at Camberwell. I am looking to collaborate with someone who has experience shooting video in film (thinking 16mm at the moment, but am open to other formats). If you have any expertise with the mechanics of film projectors too, that would be a plus!! Our collaborative work may be shown in a “work-in-progress show” for my program that is coming up in approx. three weeks. I am not expecting the work to be completed and polished by then. I do wish to continue our collaboration until the piece is ‘finished’ and potentially collaborate with you again in the future.

A little about me.. my background is in architecture and my practice, in a broad sense, touches on sensory-engagement that incorporates interactive elements of spatial design. In other words, my current investigations are focused on creating ‘immersive-sculptures/objects’.

If you are interested in collaborating or discussing your ideas with Jackie, get in touch!