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10 Years of Post-Grad Community

a multicoloured grid coming together to formulate the number ten
  • Written byPost-Grad Community
  • Published date 13 September 2023
a multicoloured grid coming together to formulate the number ten
10 Years of PGC (designed by Tasia Sugiyanto, MA Applied Imagination, CSM)

The 23/24 Academic year welcomes UAL’s Post-Grad Community’s (PGC) 10-year anniversary.

Launched in 2013, PGC is a platform for Postgraduate students and alumni across UAL to connect, create and collaborate. PGC is a space for you to socialise, connect to various UAL services, find exclusive opportunities, document, and celebrate your creative practice and voice, and to promote your work.

Every UAL postgraduate student (MA or PhD) is a member of PGC for life, meaning you will have access to the platform and all its benefits well after graduating.

a group of students sat drinking around a table
Post-Grad Community Cheese & Wine Mixer, 2023 (image by Sophia Nasif)

To celebrate the community’s 10-year anniversary, there will be a year-long celebration of the platform, the community, and our collective achievements over the years. It will be a period to reflect on the last decade of events, while continuing to amplify the voices of students, before looking to the future of PGC and the students that shape it.

a group of students in a large black room drawing.
Life Drawing at the Serpentine (image by Sophia Nasif, 2022)

PGC will bringing together UAL postgraduates from the last 10 years to develop a cross-platform and multidisciplinary campaign that highlights significant moments throughout its history. A year-long programme of events will bring together current students and alumni, creating collaborative opportunities looking to the future.

Events we have in store include a selectrospective of past successful and meaningful events held by Post-Grad Community. Confirmed upcoming events to look forward to are our Halloween screening of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, alongside a handling session with items from the film, in partnership with London College of Communication and UAL's Kubrick Archive.

Additionally, we will be revisiting and recreating past events such as the Menstrual Festival and the Swap and Mend events.

This will be an opportunity for the whole of UAL to come together to celebrate the longevity of the Community, the diversity of its members, and build lasting relationships with one another.

a group of students cutting fabric
menstrUAL festival 2019

In addition to our events, we are excited to announce a collaborative artwork for all postgraduates to contribute to. Our largescale project The Post-Grad Community Family Heirloom will be a collective tapestry for all current and alumni postgraduates to create and contribute their own artwork to. DIY Takeaway Kits will be available from each UAL library, and we will also be hosting various workshops with facilities and technicians across the colleges for students to take part in.

an embroidery hoop with UAL embroidered onto the fabric
(Catriona Mahmoud, 2023)

PGC hopes to use this time to take count of the successful collaborations we’ve seen over the years. We intend to spend the next academic year seeking ways to encourage even more student-led output via the platform and finding new connections across the Colleges that celebrate the importance of community building, relevant to all UAL postgraduate students and alumni.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to find out more about ways you can be involved in our anniversary celebrations this year then please get in touch with Post-Grad Community at

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