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Film Screenings

During the Im/Material conference a series of films taken from the University of the Arts London archives and collections will be screened.

1914 Now

A series of 4 films that were commissioned from four international curators who work with dress in three dimensions, to express their distinctive curatorial ‘attitudes’.

The project and commission was devised by Alison Moloney, a curator whose practice often involves commissioning new objects and exploring new media outcomes.

The curators were object-led curator Amy de la Haye, exhibitions maker Judith Clark, fashion designer and curator Walter Van Beirendonck and museum director Kaat Debo.


  • The Violet Hour - Amy de la Haye and Katerina Athanasopolou
  • Il Vestito Antineutrale - Judith Clark and James Norton
  • Crossed Crocodiles Growl - Walter Van Beirendonck and Bart Hess
  • Incunabula - Kaat Debo and Marie Schuller

Thames Film

William Raban set out to create a portrait of London and its seaward approaches from the point of view of the River Thames and to merge these contemporary views of London with archival materials of the same subject.

The maps and engravings are taken from Thomas Pennant’s journal London to Dover (1787) that mirrors the voyage he undertook 200 hundred years later.

The Pennant Journal and most of the other archive elements are in the Port of London Authority Collection.

The recording of T.S. Eliot reading from Four Quartets (1943) is from the British Library and Breughel’s painting The Triumph of Death (1560) the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Thames Film installation, 20 minutes (2013) recut from Thames Film, 66 minutes (1986).

Director, editor, cinematography - William Raban.
Rostrum camera - Begonia Tamarit.
Narrator - John Hurt.
Soprano - Paula Bednarczyk.
Sound mix - Richard Guy.

Im/Material Media

Dedicated to the work of moving image artists, British Artists’ Film and Video study collection is part of the Central Saint Martins Museum. The collection exists to support research by students based at Central Saint Martins as well as individual researchers from outside the college.

This programme features a selection of works included in the collection, it demonstrates ways in which artists employ, transform, and critique the materiality of media forms from the physicality of film to the apparent immateriality of digital media. Curated by Steven Ball.


  • Little Dog for Roger (2 screen version) - Malcolm Le Grice, 10 minutes (1967)
  • The War on Television - Steven Ball, 5 minutes (2008)
  • Woman Nature Alone - Erica Scourti, 10 minutes (2010)

Encounters in the Archive: the performance of costume at the V&A

Once the theatre show is over, costumes are re-used and only occasionally preserved for future eyes. Separated from the bodies that once performed them, they not only evidence design and make, but somehow retain elements of the performance.

This film explores the transient qualities of theatre costumes and how they can perform as holders of histories of ephemeral stage performances. In turn, it questions how new performances might be enacted.

A series of one-to-one encounters - pairing selected costumes from the V&A museum Theatre and Performance archives with specialist researchers - led to new multi-facetted insights and perspectives on theatre costume.

Conceived and produced - Donatella Barbieri.
Filmed and edited - Netia Jones. 
Participants - Amy de la Haye, Nicky Gillibrand, Charlotte Hodes, Claire Christie, Darren Cabon and Paul Bevan.

Find out more about UAL archives and collections.