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Im/Material: Encounters within the Creative Arts Archive

The Im/Material conference brings together artists, archivists, curators and academics to consider the role of the archive in the creation, interpretation and preservation of culture.

13 - 14 May 2016

Keynote Speakers

Archives Lost, Found, Re-assembled

Professor Charlotte Townsend-Gault's keynote will consider 2 very different Canadian archives

In the Darkroom – The Making of a Document - front

In the Darkroom - The Making of a Document

For her keynote presentation Grace Weir will screen and discuss the making of her recent film ‘Darkroom’.

Conference Sessions

Archives and Transversal Memories

Considering archives, creative exchange and the potential revolutions of digital culture.

Materialising the Archive

The archive as a medium for creative practice.

The Multiplicity Within

How small museums have a unique capacity to critique and contest traditional notions of curating.

Fleeting and Fragmentary

What curatorial strategies might we use to interpret things that have perished or are considered un-exhibitable?

Remembrance of Things Past

How does an object function, not just as a ‘Proustian’ trigger to memory, but as a mechanism for a new understanding of the world?

Formality and Informality

What are the origins of a shift in curatorial thinking towards informality and intimacy within displays of modern and contemporary art?


Cataloguing the Camberwell I.L.E.A. Collection

Reflections upon the objectives, methodology and discoveries of the development project in 2015.

From the PARC Archive

Camerawork and the Directory of British Photographic Collections from the John Wall Archive.

Material Evidence on Manuscript Fragments

Presentation on 16th and 17th century medieval manuscripts.

Archives & Collections

Object Handling Workshops

Interact with the archives and special collections held by the UAL.

Film Screenings

Selection of films, some taken from the UAL archives, and some made by our staff.


Drawing upon UAL’s archives and special collections. Curated by our postgraduate students.


Professor Oriana Baddeley, Professor Stephen Bann CBE, Dr Sophie Berrebi, Dr Fiona Candlin, Robin Christian, Professor Judith Clark, Elena Crippa, Professor Neil Cummings, Adrian Glew, Dr Alison Green, Professor Amy De La Haye, Dr Jo Melvin, Dr Joanne Morra, Charlotte Moth, Jennifer Murray, Donald Smith, Professor Carolyn Steadman, Professor Carol Tulloch, Judy Willcocks, Jacqueline Winston-Silk.

View the conference programme.

UAL Archives and Collections

University of the Arts London (UAL) houses an extraordinary range of archives, museum and special collections that reflect the rich traditions and specialisms of the 6 colleges. They include 2 accredited spaces; a museum and an archives and special collections centre.

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