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Adaptation, Participation, Risk-taking

Blind Dinner Date. Image courtesy: ZU-UK.
Blind Dinner Date. Image courtesy: ZU-UK.
, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL | Photograph: ZU-UK.

Creative interventions in contemporary performance

3 March 2018

A reinterpretation of pre-existing sources in contemporary performance. Situating radical intervention as an innovative and risk-taking form of adaptation for the stage.

This event staged a workshop by ZU-UK as a provocation, which was followed by an afternoon panel discussion as a response to address relational and visual dramaturgies as alternative and equally valid ‘text’. We examined processes of moving away from script driven theatre by working with audiences in relational environments.

Convened by Dr Jozefina Komporaly.

About ZU-UK:

Formerly known as Zecora Ura and Para-Active, ZU-UK have been making live art works since 2001. Led by joint artistic directors Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis-Jade Maravala, the company has an international reputation for creating high quality, critically acclaimed socially engaged performances and digital artworks that put the audience at the centre of the experience.

ZU-UK believes that when individuals are not underestimated, the strength of the collective experience builds thoughtful, playful and engaged communities. The more fractured the world becomes, the more out of touch we are with the rituals that unite us with our sense of self, and the essential desire to connect meaningfully. Therefore, ZU-UK seek to design secular contemporary rituals as an invitation to ease loneliness and make communities out of our audiences.

ZU-UK’s 6-hour, overnight performance Hotel Medea (2009-2012) is considered a pioneer of what is today referred to as immersive theatre. ZU-UK’s work on the Dramaturgy of Participation has been widely written about and forms the basis for the company’s approach to audience experience.


Professor Jane Collins, Professor Andy Lavender, Professor Mark O'Thomas, Dr Duska Radosavljevic and Dr Jorge Lopes Ramos.