2017 - AER Programme

AER residencies accepting applications

AER 2017 Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio, Tuscany, Italy
Image courtesy of Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio, Tuscany, Italy

Applications accepted from UAL graduates, postgraduates and recent alumni (within 12 months from graduation date).

The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) was launched in 2015 by member of the UAL Research Centre for Sustainable Fashion and UAL Chair of Art and the Environment Professor Lucy Orta.

AER provides UAL graduates with the exceptional opportunity to apply for a 2 to 4-week residency at one of our internationally renowned host institutions, to explore concerns that define the 21st century - biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy, and human rights.

Through research, studio practice, critiques and mentoring the AER programme is designed to envision a world of tomorrow; to imagine and create work that challenges how we interact with the environment and each other.

NOTE: These residencies cannot accommodate collective applications, only single applicants accepted.

See below for residencies currently accepting applications:

Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio, Tuscany, Italy

Application deadline 15 June 2017 midnight (Residency 2 weeks in September 2017)

The Tenuta Dello Scompiglio is an area of 200 hectares situated in the Vorno hills, near Luca in the Tuscan region of Italy. Historically the estate was a self-sufficient farm, cultivating olives, vines and fruit. In the last decades it has been abandoned and nature has regained the upper hand. The Progetto Dello Scompiglio residencies intend to re-establish a dialogue both with the present environment, with its natural and architectural elements, and with its history, seeking contemporary forms of interaction and responsibility, as well as relationships of interdependence, exchange and symbiosis, through the visual and performing arts.

Within this context, the resident will be invited to explore and reflect on the concept of life-cycles, from a social, anthropological, philosophical or environmental perspective, as part of a 2-year programme launched by the Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio in 2017. 

AER at Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio provides:

  • Two-week residency
  • Free accommodation and self-catering
  • Use of work/studio space
  • Production budget up to £300
  • Round trip flight Lucca up to £180
  • Curator/critique feedback
  • UAL grant of £500 on completion of the residency and final report

Please note that applicants are responsible for visas, health and travel insurance.


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