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Listen to student experiences from everyday moments to important life events.

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Recent stories (2022)

Profile picture of Felicia


Coming to UK from China aged 15, Felicia, shares how she learned to be open, not to judge, to support other students and to keep a clear sense of self too.

Download Felicia's transcript (PDF 81KB)

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Jade reflects on her experience studying at UAL and living in London. She relates finding a supportive community while coming out as a transgender woman, and how this has inspired her artistic practice.

Download Jade's transcript (PDF 109KB)

Profile picture of Grace and Xach

Grace and Xach

Grace and Xach discuss how to support those struggling with mental health and learning differences and offer insights on accessing the wide range of support services available within UAL.

Download Grace and Xach's transcript (PDF 71KB)

Earlier stories (2019-2020)

Katie and Elise

Katie and Elise talk about the importance of kindness, communication and managing stress, particularly during the time of Coronavirus.

Download Katie and Elise's transcript (PDF 247KB)



As an international student now in her second year, Grace understands the importance of good communication between staff and students to deal with these unexpected changes in learning.

Download Grace's transcript (PDF 126KB)


Mathilda shares her experience of having a learning disability, developing a good way of working and discovering creativity in her writing.

Download Mathilda's transcript (PDF 280KB)


Charlotte, from London, chats about how her experience as a mature student has helped her look at her own practice in a new way.

Download Charlotte's transcript (PDF 217KB)

Jade and Mim

Foundation students, Jade and Mim, share their experiences of coming to London, studying independently and finding support and guidance.

Download Jade and Mim's transcript (PDF 394KB)


Uzo talks about her time at UAL as a study-abroad student from US and why she changed courses to do something she loves.

Download Uzo's transcript (PDF 293KB)

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