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Listen to student experiences from everyday moments to important life events.

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Recent stories (2022)

Profile picture of Darsanaa


Study Abroad student Darsanaa shares her story of coming from India to London, her love for Indian fashion and how studying at UAL has developed her creative practice.

Download Darsanaa's transcript (PDF 122KB)

Profile picture of Alex and Jerome

Alex and Jerome

Postgraduate fashion students Alex and Jerome discuss their vision for the future of menswear and how to fend off imposter syndrome

Download Alex and Jerome's transcript (PDF 65KB)

Profile picture of Julia


Julia shares how she overcame culture shock upon arriving in the UK, and why the isolation of  COVID-19 lockdowns inspired resourcefulness and creativity.

Download Julia's transcript (PDF 62KB)

Profile picture of Nelson


Nelson shares how he found the perseverance to overcome great difficulties, once nearly quitting, to successfully graduate. He hopes his story might inspire other students to do the same.

Download Nelson's transcript (PDF 63KB)

Earlier stories (2019-2020)


Raahim moved from forensic science to womenswear. He talks about overcoming doubt and family resistance and how Coronavirus challenged him to push his design practice in a new direction.

Download Raahim's transcript (PDF 150KB)



Sister started a biology degree in USA, switched to studying Arts at UAL. She is determined to get the most from her experience studying in London.

Download Sister's transcript (PDF 143KB)

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