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Alternative offers

Tanikha Allen BA Hons Theatre Design Portfolio
Tanikha Allen BA Hons Theatre Design Wimbledon College of Arts

In some cases, you may receive an offer from a different course or College from the one you applied to. This happens when your application has not been successful for your chosen course but our admissions tutors have found another course that they believe would be a strong match for your skills and interests.

This means that we think you’re a great candidate and really want you to join us a UAL student, but the course you applied to wasn’t as well suited as others to your background and strengths.

Discover a new direction

It’s natural to feel disappointed at first if this happens, but you may find that it’s actually a great opportunity to discover something new. It may even introduce you to a creative career option that you hadn’t thought about before and be the first step in an exciting new direction.

As for our Colleges, they all have a strong sense of community and even if you’re offered a place at a College that wasn’t your first choice, we hope you’ll soon feel at home there. All of our Colleges benefit from:

  • A unique culture: Each College offers its own particular set of courses and has its own individual atmosphere, philosophy and focus.
  • Outstanding academic staff and technicians: Our academic staff in every College bring their own interests and expertise to the courses they teach.
  • Excellent facilities: All our Colleges boast specialist equipment and facilities, including technical labs, workspaces and exhibition or performance venues.

Be a part of UAL

Whichever College you go to, you’ll still be a part of UAL and have access to many cross-College benefits, including:

  • Events: As a UAL student you can attend our range of cultural and professional events at all Colleges throughout the university.
  • Libraries: You can borrow materials and access learning resources at all of the College libraries, so you’ll have a quiet place to study nearby wherever you go in London!
  • ArtsSU: You’ll be a member of Arts Students’ Union, giving you the chance to participate in exhibitions, join societies or creative communities, access free academic and employment advice and collaborate with new friends across UAL.

Making a decision

If you do get an alternative offer, it’s up to you whether you choose to accept it and you can opt out of the process at any time.

If you have any questions, follow the contact details at the bottom of your alternative offer email to make sure you’re speaking to the appropriate admissions officer. They will be happy to answer all your questions to make sure that you’re making the right decision for you.