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Freelance and Business Advice

There are plenty of things you can do to create a sustainable freelance practice or a successful business.

You need to consider the nuts and bolts of setting up as a freelancer or start-up business. It is then important to think about how you will develop your business and find work. Will you work from home or a studio? Self promotion and marketing are vital in freelancing. And knowing your rights and how to safeguard your artistic practice is important for creating a sustainable business.

Here you will find useful advice and guidance on growing your freelance work or business.


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Bradley Vine in the studio

How to work as a freelancer

Find out about business planning, pitching and presenting as a freelancer or small business at UAL's annual Part-Time Job Fair.

Daisy Hristova reading a magazine

How to find freelance work

Useful tips on finding work opportunities as a freelancer.

Business Legal

Business legal advice

Information about legal advice for new businesses including useful links to legal advice services.

Self Promo

Self-promotion & marketing advice

Get advice on self-promotion and marketing yourself as a creative professional.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property advice

Get online advice about intellectual property, including copyright, patents, trademarks and Creative Commons.