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Freelance and business advice

There are plenty of things you can do to create a sustainable freelance practice or a successful business.

You need to consider the nuts and bolts of setting up as a freelancer or start-up business. It is then important to think about how you will develop your business and find work. Will you work from home or a studio? Self promotion and marketing are vital in freelancing. And knowing your rights and how to safeguard your artistic practice is important for creating a sustainable business.

Here you will find useful advice and guidance on growing your freelance work or business.

Photo of three female students posing with a giant photo frame
Creative Enterprise Week 2017. Photo by Damian Griffiths.

View our programme of events

We run over 150 events each year to support UAL students with their creative careers and businesses.

Bradley Vine in the studio
Bradley Vine, BA (Hons) BA (Hons) ) Live Events and Television , London college of Communication © Alys Tomlinson

How to work as a freelancer

Find out about business planning, pitching and presenting as a freelancer or small business at UAL's annual Part-Time Job Fair.

Daisy Hristova reading a magazine
Daisy Hristova, MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, London College of Fashion © Alys Tomlinson

How to find freelance work

Useful tips on finding work opportunities as a freelancer.

Business Legal

Business legal advice

Information about legal advice for new businesses including useful links to legal advice services.

Self Promo

Self-promotion & marketing advice

Get advice on self-promotion and marketing yourself as a creative professional.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property advice

Get online advice about intellectual property, including copyright, patents, trademarks and Creative Commons.