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Monetising Efficient Metadata

Published date
25 Jul 2018
Delamore, 3D Heels

This project aims to develop a robust application of existing metadata to enable the linkage of body and clothing XML with production descriptors to already ISO standardised e-business ERP systems and transactional markup languages.

Principal Investigator: Philip Delamore
College: London College of Fashion

Project summary

  • The project connects aesthetic content management requirements with middleware and toolkits to enable consumers to perform Clothing Searches to purchase clothing in multichannel environments.
  • It collates and tests consumer experiences and discovers which embedded elements are relevant, viable, non-prejudicial to the interests of the manufacturer or retailer, and entertaining or serendipitous for the customer.
  • It makes it easier for customers to make informed and inspired choices in a trusted environment (both online and in store).
  • It reveals opportunities for the suppliers through data analysis, to make more dynamic relationships with consumers.
  • It demonstrates a fast, low-cost service for utilising metadata for on and offline channels by leveraging the RFID/Quick Response Code tagging technology and uses XML metadata and W3C standards (such as OWL ontologies).
  • It provides a consumer-focused service that adds convenience, intelligence and entertainment to the retail mix and extends its value beyond the sales floor.
  • It enhances the economic value of existing digital content for fashion brands in the fields of advertising, marketing, stock management, dynamic pricing, personalisation and mass customisation of clothing.