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British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

Improving access to the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection.

Project summary

The British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection is dedicated to documenting the achievements of British moving-image artists. It contains over 4000 video copies of artists' works, approximately 5000 still images, files on 450 artists, a library of over 1000 books and magazines, a collection of historical posters and publicity materials, and documentation relating to key artist-led organisations, public funding bodies, etc. The British Artists' Moving Image database is designed to assist research into British artists' film and video.

It covers experimental and avant-garde film, video art, artists' television, gallery-based installations and other works that use moving image and audio-visual multimedia technologies, made by British and British-based artists.

The database provides as comprehensive information as possible about several thousand works, including the date of making, first exhibition site (if known), the original format and often a short synopsis.

It is also a guide to the dispersed national collection of British artists' moving image works. It identifies the holdings of public and academic collections, archives, distributors and dealers, their location and conditions of access.

The database is updated regularly as new information is received about works and collections.